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1. Country Brief:

A. Introduction - Canada is the second largest country in the world by total area. Occupying most of northern North America, it extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean. Canada shares land borders with the United States to the northwest and south.

The lands have been inhabited for millennia by aboriginal peoples. Beginning in the late 15th century, British and French expeditions explored and later settled the Atlantic coast. France ceded nearly all of New France in 1763 after the Seven Years War. In 1867, Canada was formed by Confederation of four British North American colonies. A gradual process of independence from the United Kingdom culminated in the Canada Act 1982, severing the last vestiges of dependence on the British parliament.


Canada remains a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state, and maintains a parliamentary democracy. A federation comprising ten provinces and three territories, Canada is a bilingual and multicultural country, with both English and French as official languages at the federal level. A technologically advanced and industrialized nation, Canada maintains a diversified economy that is heavily reliant upon its abundant natural resources and upon trade—particularly with the United States, with which Canada has had a long and complex relationship


Capital: Ottawa.


B. Climate - Canada's climate is not as cold all year around as some may believe. In winter, temperatures fall below freezing point throughout most of Canada. But the south-western coast has a relatively mild climate. Along the Arctic Circle, mean temperatures are below freezing for seven months a year.

During the summer months the southern provinces often experience high levels of humidity and temperatures that can surpass 30 degrees Celsius regularly.

Western and south-eastern Canada experience high rainfall, but the Prairies are dry with 250 mm to 500 mm of rain every year.


C. Geographical Area - Total: 9,984,670 sq km, Land: 9,093,507 sq km, Water: 891,163 sq km


D. Language - English (official) 59.3%, French (official) 23.2%, other 17.5%


E. Currency with exchange rate - Currency Name: Canadian dollar (CAD)

Apprx. Exchange Rate: 0.939144 USD


F. Population - Total Population: 33,390,141 (July 2007 est.) 


G. Major cities - Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg


2. Transportation:


A. Railway - Total: 48,467 km, Standard gauge: 48,467 km 1.435-m gauge (2005)


B. Road - Total: 1,042,300 km,

Paved: 415,600 km (includes 17,000 km of expressways)

Unpaved: 626,700 km (2005)


C. Airports - Total: 1,337 (2006) 

Airports - with paved runways: total: 509

Airports - with unpaved runways: total: 828

Heliports: 12 (2006) 


D) Waterways - Total waterways 631 km


3. Economy:

In Canada's huge land mass, the second largest in the world after Russia, a wide array of natural resources are present. Different resources are centred in different parts of Canada. In British Columbia, the forestry industry is of great importance, while the oil industry is central to Alberta's prosperity. Northern Ontario is home to a wide array of mines, while the fishing industry has long been central to the character of the Atlantic provinces, though it has recently been in steep decline.


A. Major Manufacturing : - Canada is a world leader in the production of many natural resources such as gold, nickel, uranium, and lead. Several of Canada's largest companies are based in natural resource industries, such as EnCana, Cameco, Goldcorp, and Barrick Gold. The vast majority of these products are exported, mainly to the United States. There are also many secondary and service industries that are directly linked to primary ones. For instance one of Canada's largest manufacturing industries is the pulp and paper sector, which is directly linked to the logging industry.



B. Major Export  - Canada has always been a major food exporter. Canada’s export orientation (Canadian value of exports/Canadian value of shipments) rose from 15% in 1990 to 26% in 2001. With the exception of seafood, which has always been highly export-oriented, all sectors of the Canadian food processing industry have increased their export orientation.


The largest export intensity increases have been in sugar and confectionery products, 18 percentage points; fruit and vegetable processing, 17 percentage points, meat processing 14; and bakery and tortilla processing 9 percentage points.


C. Major Imports - Import penetration is measured by calculating the proportion of the domestic market that is supplied by imports or (value of imports(value of shipments - value of exports) + value of imports). As countries reduce trade barriers one expects Canadian industries to export more products and Canada to increase product imports. Trading partners export products that they can produce at a competitive or comparative advantage and tend to import those that their trading partners can produce less expensively, quality and other product characteristics being equal.


There is significant import penetration in the Canadian seafood market. Canada imported over 60% of its domestic seafood product needs in 2001. At the same time Canadian seafood processors exported 74% of Canadian production. Canada also imported 41% of its sugar and confectionary products, 31% of its processed fruit and vegetables, and 31% of its milled grain and oilseed products



E. Trade balance


4. Trade Associations, Chamber of Commerce, Trade shows and Exhibitions in Canada:

Major Trade Associations


Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association

10 Four Seasons Place, Suite 801

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

M9B 6H7

Telephone: (416) 620-4220

Fax: (416) 620-9730


The Used Car Dealers Association of Manitoba

Box53023-1631 St Mary's Road

Winnipeg, MB R2N 1Z0


Telephone 204-254-1891  

Fax 204-254-4972

[email protected]


Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association of Canada

Suite 460, 151 Bloor Street West,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M5S 1S4

Telephone 416-968-0150

FAX 416-968-7095

[email protected]


Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters

438 University Avenue, Suite 1618

Toronto, Ontario M5G 2K8

Telephone: 416-595-5333

Fax: 416-595-8226

E-mail: [email protected]

Web site:


Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export

Suite 101, 345 Renfrew Drive, Markham, Ontario, L3R 9S9, Canada

Telephone: 1-905-513-0046, Fax: 1-905-513-1834,

e-mail: [email protected]


Canadian Jewellers Association

27 Queen St. E., Suite 600 Toronto, Ontario M5C 2M6

Tel: 416-368-7616     Fax: 416-368-1986    Toll Free1-800-580-0942

[email protected]


L’Association canadienne des déménageurs

2085 Hurontario Street, Suite 525

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5A 4G1

Tél : 905.848.6579

Sans frais : 1.877.656.4993

Téléc : 905.848.8499

Courriel : [email protected]

Chambers of Commerce

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce:

Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce:

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada:

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan:

Canadian Chamber of Commerce:


Major Trade Shows


A. Canadian Offroad Expo

Event Profile: Canadian Offroad Expo puts on a number of awesome events and entertainment throughout the expo weekend. At a show unlike anything of its kind in Western Canada, attendees will not only be drawn to the off road related Exhibitor's booths, but the Expo will also feature live and exciting spectator shows


Start Date: 07-SEP-07

End Date: 09-SEP-07


Outbound Productions

Bay 7 6630, 71Street, Red Deer,

Alberta, Canada.

Tel: +(1)-(403)-8865809


B. Automechanika Canada

Event Profile: Automechanika Canada is the newest industry event dedicated to all elements of automotive aftermarket including parts, repair, accessories and service. Automechanika Canada will bring together key aftermarket suppliers with thousands of service and repair providers, shop owners, jobbers, wholesalers / distributors, sales agents and apprentices.


Start Date: 26-SEP-07

End Date: 28-SEP-07


Messe Frankfurt, Inc.

1600 Parkwood Circle, Suite 515,

Atlanta, United States of America.

Tel: +(1)-(770)-9848016

Fax: +(1)-(770)-9848023


C. Truck World

Event Profile:Truck World will be the first time that most of the new models will be seen in Canada. It is the first event of its kind in Canada that offers truckers real opportunities to learn the secrets that trucking company executives know and practice in today's Industry


Start Date: 17-APR-08

End Date: 19-APR-08


Newcom Business Media, Inc.

451, Attwell Drive,

Toronto, Canada.

Tel: +(1)-(416)-6142200

Fax: +(1)-416)-6148861


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