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How to Check Inspection Sheet?
How to Check Inspection Sheet?Inspection sheet is a document wich is filled up by auction experts inspecting the cars before exhibition. The condition of the car, it's grade and options are mentioned in the auction sheet. It also reflects all the defects including even the small ones, and the auction grade of the condition is written in the auction sheet.
Appraisal point system of condition differs depending on the auction, usually "S" - is almost equivalent to a New car, grade from 6 to 4 is excellent and good condition, 4-3 is a satisfactory condition, 3-2 -condition is bad. The car can be graded 2 or 3 due to different reasons, it can be hight milleage or repair. If the car has 0, "R", "Ra",or "P" grade, then it was repaired. It can be a damaged and rapaired car or just some small repair. The quality of repair is also different. Sometimes a car graded 0 on the auction can be also graded 3.5. on another auction due to the difference of appraisal point system.
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What do the abbreviations in the auction sheet mean?
A1Small Scratch Scratch
A2Scratch Panel Beated
A3Big Scratch Corrosion Paint
E1Few Dimples Rust
E2Several Dimples Dent
E3Many Dimples Repair Mark/Wave
U1Small Dent Need to be replaced
U2Dent Replaced
U3Big Dent
W1 Repair Mark/Wave (hardly detectable)
W2 Repair Mark/Wave
W3 Obvious Repair MarkWave (need to be repainted)
S1 Rust
S2 Heavy Rust
C1 Corrosion
C2 Heavy Corrosion
XNeed to be replaced
XX Replaced
B1Distortion on (radiator) coresupport or back panel (approximately size of a thumb)
B2Big Distortion on (radiator) coresupport or back panel
Y1Small Hole or Crack
Y2Hole or Crack
Y3Big Hole or Crack
X1Small Crack on Windshield(approximately 1cm)
RRepaired Crack on Windshield
RX Repaired Crack on Windshield (need to be replaced)
XCrack on Windshield (need to be replaced)
FWindshield Filmed
F Front
S Side
R Rear
T Temporary (Tyre)
W Double
AC Air Condition
AAC Auto Air Condition
WAC Double Air Condition
FA Floor Automatic Transmission
CA Column Automatic Transmission
5F 5 Speed Floor Manual Transmission
5C 5 Speed Column Manual Transmission
SD Sedan
HT Hard Top
PS Power Steering
PW Power Window
AW Aluminum Wheel
ST Stereo
CD CD Player
MD Mini Disc Player
TV Television
ABS Anti-Lock Brake System
AFC Air Flow Converter
CPU Central Processing Unit
EVC Engine Valve Controller (for boostup)
G bird Anti-Corrosive Paint
LSD Limited Slip Differential
SRS Air Bags
TRC Traction Control System
VICS Traffic Information Navigator Nox
Regulation Exhaust gas regulation applicable only in Japan
Non Genuine Not maker's original Appraisal point system of condition
How to Check Inspection Sheet?
Inspection Sheet Details of Major Auction Halls
USS Auto Auction
Arai Auto Auction(Car)
Arai Auto Auction(Van, Truck)
HAA Auto Auction
CAA Auto Auction
HERO Auto Auction
JU AICHI Auto Auction
JU GIFU Auto Auction
JU SAITAMA Auto Auction
RAA (RYUTSU Auto Auction)
LAA (Light Auto Auction)
ONAA Auto Auction
ZIP Auto Auction
Auction Sheet Details Example
Auction Sheet with Details information
Auction Grade
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