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HOME » Useful Resources » Indonesia Import Regulation
  Indonesia Import Regulation
Importing a Motor Vehicle In Indonesia
Humanitarian Import Procedure
For vehicles: Vehicle type (manufacturer and model), quantity, serial number, chassis number, color, purpose/usage, location(s) at which vehicle will be used, condition (new/used), engine capacity (CC).
Bring Your Vehicle In Indonesia
Entrance Permit is required from the Ministry of Industry.
Importing a car from abroad is rarely done by your average expatraite in Indonesia because the Indonesian customs offices charges up to 300% duty on the car's value - which they assess.
In Indonesia, according to the regulations, the engine size of a car may not exceed 3,000 CCs. Cars exceeding this engine size are occasionally imported under special conditions (i.e., on request of a diplomat or for special government functions), however the legal documents of these cars are not necessarily complete after they have been released from the original importers possession. Smuggling of luxury cars also occurs. Needless to say, the documents for these smuggled vehicles are not complete. Therefore, be aware that if you purchase a 3,000 CC car, it may be difficult to resell and may in fact be confiscated by the authorities.
Importing used car
In indonesia, it is illegal to import used cars, however some unscrupulous importers do import what they say are new cars but are actually 1 or even 2 year old cars with the odemeter reset close to zero. Be cautious when buying imported cars.
This is common thing in Indonesia that when a car is sold, the car registration is left under the name of the original owner. This is done to avoid paying ongkos balik nama or change of ownership fee, which is quite costly (the costs are listed in a table at the department that is based on the year and model of the car). By explaining these procedures we are not encouraging you to avoid paying this tax. It's just that you should be aware of this common practice and therefore understand why the paperwork for used cars is so complicated as a result of this practice. Your sponsoring company will undoubtedly have a policy and recommendations on how you should handle this situation.
This common thing makes the actual invoice a very important document. If there is an incident involving a car, the kwitansi pembayaran/invoice will be necessary to prove the current ownership of the vehicle. You would not want to be held liable for an accident which involved a car you used to own; your copy of the invoice would prove the car was no longer yours.
buy a used car - neecessary Documents
KTP (Kartu Tanda Penduduk/Identity card) Depending upon the selling person they may or may not accept other forms of identification (i.e., passports or KITAS/Limited Stay Permit Card).
After Transaction - The Customer Must Receive
  • STNK (Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan/Registration)
  • BPKB (Buku Pemilik Kendaraan Bermotor/Proof of ownership book)
  • Faktor (original invoice for the car when it was purchased from the manufacturer)
  • Kwitansi Blangko - 3 lembar (3 copies of a receipt)
This first copy should be signed by the person whose name appears in the BPKB on top of a Rp 6,000 meterai (Rp 6,000 tax stamp).
The second and third copy of this receipt should be left blank except for the signature of the original owner, whose name appears in the BPKB. No meterai is required. These copies would be required by the Department of Motor Vehicles in the event that the name in the BPKB was to be changed. It is very important to have these three copies! Otherwise it may be difficult to resell your vehicle in the future. In doing the research for this piece we could not find out why the blank copies were needed as none of the Indonesians we talked to had ever balik nama.
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