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  Norway Import Regulation
Importing Regulations In Norway
duty-free and tax-free import and temporary use of foreign-registered motor vehicles in Norway
Established by the Ministry of Finance 20 June 1991 pursuant to the Act of 19 June 1959 No. 2 relating to motor vehicles and boats (Section 1), the Introductory Provisions to the Customs Tariff (Section 13) (cf. Royal Decree of 16 December 1966 No. 1), Customs Act of 10 June 1966 No. 5 (Section 2) (cf. Royal Decree of 24 November 1967 No. 1), as well as the Act of 19 June 1969 No. 66 relating to value-added tax (Section 62). Amended by Regulation of 17 January 1992 No. 22, 28 February 1996 No. 220, 19 March 2001 No. 270, 21 May 2003 No. 654 and 12 December 2003 No. 1538 and 18 August 2006 No. 981.
General rule.
Duty-free and tax-free importation of foreign-registered motor vehicles to Norway and the temporary use of such vehicles in Norway are permitted for persons permanently resident in other countries
A similar right to importation and use is granted to persons who are temporarily resident in Norway, or who for other reasons are entitled to importation and use according to the provisions in this Regulation
Temporary use shall cease and the vehicle in question shall immediately be processed for customs clearance if the user at the time of entry or later becomes permanently resident in Norway or for other reasons ceases to satisfy the conditions of this Regulation.
Use of a foreign-registered motor vehicle for the commercial conveyance of persons or goods between places in Norway is not permitted, unless the transport and communications authorities decide otherwise, or the use stems from agreements between Norway and other countries, or the use is otherwise permitted by this Regulation.
Vehicle Import Duty While Moving to Norway
It should be noted that a car must be brought into the country within the first three months after your arrival in Norway. The vehicle must be registered as soon as possible after arrival. The car is only to be used for private purposes and must be registered in the name of the owner in Norway. The owner cannot sell or lend the car until 2 years from the date of registration in Norway unless he/she pays import duty. Both the time of your arrival in Norway and the time of the importation of the motor vehicle must be satisfactorily documented for example by travel documents/stamps in passports. Different rules apply when importing a motor vehicle while living in Norway. Check with the customs. Please check with Customs Authorities directly which Import Regulations are applicable in your situation.
Temporary residence in Norway.
A person is regarded as temporarily resident in Norway when it can be documented that his or her stay will not exceed one year from the date of entry.
The Customs Region may decide upon application that a person shall be regarded as temporarily resident in Norway for a further year, provided it can be documented that the stay will not exceed two years from the date of entry. Applications must be sent to the Customs Region within a year of the date of entry.
An employment contract for a limited period may be regarded as relevant documentation of temporary residence.
A person cannot be regarded as temporarily resident in Norway if he/she has stayed in Norway for more than 365 days in the course of the last two years prior to the date of entry, or if he/she has been registered in the Norwegian population register during the same period.
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Import Regulations On Vehicle For Temporary Use On Permanently Resident In Norway
A person permanently resident in Norway may import and temporarily use a foreign registered motor vehicle provided he is accompanied in the vehicle by a qualifying person. A qualifying person is defined as one who holds a valid driving licence and has the right to duty-free and tax-free importation of a motor vehicle for temporary use pursuant to this Regulation.
In connection with such activities as picking up, delivering, testing, parking, shipping and transporting home a foreign-registered motor vehicle, a person employed in a Norwegian enterprise may drive a foreign-registered motor vehicle on behalf of the person who is entitled to use it. Such transport activity must be part of the company’s business.
The Customs Region may upon application grant to a person who is a permanent resident of Norway and wishes to move out of or into Norway the right, in connection with moving, to import and use in Norway a vehicle registered abroad for up to 14 days from the date of moving.
The move must be documented by means of a moving certificate, work contract or other relevant documentation. For Norwegian civil servants posted abroad, their posting order will be considered sufficient documentation.
The Customs Region may upon application in particular cases permit a person permanently resident in Norway to drive a foreign-registered motor vehicle in this country for short periods of use. Such permission is given for a specific period of time, and applies to a specific person and motor vehicle.
The Customs Region may upon application permit an employee or self-employed person who permanently resides in Norway to use a certain foreign-registered motor vehicle made available by an employer or work provider operating in another EEA country. The motor vehicle must be necessary to performing the person’s assigned duties, and its use in Norway may not be extensive and protracted (vesentlig og varig).
The motor vehicle’s use in Norway is considered extensive and protracted if it is used in Norway for 183 days or more in a 12-month period and in the same 12-month period is used more in Norway in both private and commercial service than it is used abroad in commercial service, as measured in total kilometres.
Documents Required
The user shall adequately document that he/she satisfies the conditions for duty-free and tax-free importation and temporary use of a foreign-registered motor vehicle in conformance with this Regulation.
Documents which may be considered relevant for this purpose include certificates from the population register, hire contracts, employment contracts, marriage certificates, tax documents, certificates of admission to schools/universities, etc.
The documents presented must be dated and signed/stamped.
Taxes On Vehicle
Violation of this Regulation entails an obligation to pay a motor vehicle tax, duty and value added tax.
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