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  Russian Import Regulation
Customs Charges In Russia To Import A Used Vehicle
Russian customs charge import customs duties on personal motor vehicles, with the exception of motor vehicles belonging to foreign diplomats.
Importing a Motor Vehicle in Russian Border
Importing a motor vehicle across the Russian border, the importer must pay a deposit to Moscow customs in advance. The amount of the deposit depends on year of manufacturing and the engine volume in c.c.
At the beginning of 2002, the deposit amounts were as follows:
A. Cars over 3 years old with an engine volume of under 2500 c.c: 1,500 Euro
B. Cars over 3 years old with an engine volume of over 2500 c.c: 3,500 Euro
C. Cars under 3 years old with an engine volume of under 2500 c.c: 7,000 Euro
D. Cars under 3 years old with an engine volume of over 2500 c.c: 15,000 Euro
(The above prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice).
Regulations On Passenger Vehicles Imported By Individuals
According To Customs Order Number 416 Of August 15, 1994
A) Individuals importing vehicles not for production or any commercial activity (but for personal use) should pay either full range of import duties (import tariff, vat, and excise tax), or they should pay 5 european currency unit (ecu) equivalent per 1 cubic centimeter (cc) of engine size.
B) Individuals, permanent residents of the russian federation who stay abroad for over six months without interruption are eligible to import one vehicle without paying import taxes, except new vehicles with engine size over 1,800 cc.
C) Individuals, moving to russia for permanent stay from other countries are exempt from import duties for one vehicle, except new vehicles with engine size over 1,800 cc.
D) Individuals, residents of foreign countries are exempt from import duties for temporary import of one vehicle for a period not exceed to one year and only for personal use or use by the members of the family of this individual.
E) Individuals should submit to customs officials a customs declaration which includes the retail cost of the vehicle. Applicant should also submit documents which prove the validity of the cost. Customs officials might agree or disagree with the submitted cost of the vehicle. If customs officials disagree, they will evaluate the cost themselves based on price information available at the customs. The importer can dispute this decision and apply for another evaluation.
F) There are customs fees charged for the customs procedure. It is 0.1 percent of the declared customs cost of the vehicle. This fee is payable in rubles (local currency). There is also an additional fee of 0.05 percent of the declared customs cost and is payable in hard currency. Vehicles imported for industrial or other commercial use are not charged an additional fee.
Commercial UseóNot For Resale
western companies, banks, and other organizations accredited in the russian federation are exempt from all import taxes on vehicles brought into the country for their own use. Such vehicles are considered "temporary" imports and may not be resold. customs officials determine the period of temporary import based on the duration of accreditation. temporary imports are authorized under customs order #1276, dated november 10, 1994.
Unaccredited foreign companies are also eligible for full or Partial import tax relief, under customs order #328 of april 25, 1994. This order exempts vehicles from all import taxes as long They remain in russia less than one year and are not resold.
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