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What is Auction?
AuctionAuction is a place where goods are sold at unfixed prices. Every week thousands of cars are sold at these auto auctions, (basicaly these are used cars, but there are also new cars). The trade is held in big halls with hundreds of tables and big monitors with the images of the cars traded. The tables are equipped with latest electronic devices pushing the button the operator increases the price.
Japanese used cars such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda, Suzuki, Mazda and Nissan are famous worldwide for their quality, value and reliability. And now it is not difficult to have your desired car anywhere in the world as Auto Auctions and dealers in Japan made it very simple to have your dream car at your door step without any problem.
Japan is having various live auto auctions to sell used cars. In Japan most of the cars bought and driven are made by Japanese manufacturers, and thousands of these used cars get sold very cheaply at auctions and are exported to places like the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Russia, Mongolia, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Africa, and others every week.
As private car sales are virtually impossible, used cars in Japan change hands via "member only" auto auctions. Status of vehicles is evaluated by experienced auction staff and a condition report is produced for each car. A computerized bidding system allow for thousands of cars to be sold in a single day, each car sale lasting only a few seconds. Attending to an auto auction in Japan, is an amazing experience. A far cry from auto auctions anywhere else in the world.
Normally an auction hall charges a nominal charge from seller to display his vehicle in that auction hall for sale.
These auction halls have lots of members through out the country who can buy & sale the used vehicles under rules & regulation of the auction hall.
Used cars in this country do not change hands between private individuals, but through "members only" auto auctions which are normally kept discreetly hidden from the general public. Numerous auction houses have been operating throughout Japan for nearly 4 decades. They range from small regional operations selling just a few hundreds cars per week to giant ones offering thousands units per session.
The 3 largest auction houses in Japan, each own about 14 auction halls nationwide. USS (Used System Solution), the current Japanese auction leader, processes approximately 50,000 vehicles weekly
THE ADVENT OF THE NETIn recent years, most auction houses went online at one time or another, allowing their members to preview and purchase cars over the internet. Japan is a country where travel can be costly and where a large variety of climates and terrains coexist. One result of online auction generalization was to reduce the need for physical travel and to somewhat erase price variations between different areas of Japan.
Access to an ever increasing amount of automotive data, resulting in additional supply and variety, reduced the need for heavy overheads and proved a major bonus to Japanese traders and their overseas buyers.
NATIONWIDE PORTALDue however to the large number of auction organizations joining the online scene, a situation gradually developed where an ever increasing number of internet auction memberships and multiple site monitoring became necessary to keep watch on the market trends & supply. This confusing situation was calling for unification, which came in the form of Auto Server Net. AS-Net is an auction portal which does not sell cars of its own, but allows member's access to approximately 50 auction houses (including all USS halls), amounting to a total volume of 500,000 cars monthly. Why bother with multiple memberships, ID & passwords, to only glance at a part of the whole picture?
AUCTION & PRE AUCTIONThis nationwide portal is now available with an English version, eliminating the need for hundreds of pages download of mostly irrelevant, bothersome translated data, as still done by some auction agents.

In addition to vehicles sold via the traditional bidding system, about 5000 "pre-auction" cars per week, are offered at a determined fixed price which need not be negotiated. Viewing and bidding can be done 7 days a week.

Accessing to basically the same information as we do, simply refined and streamlined for convenience, members only need our assistance to place the actual bids, to monitor and confirm results, and to ship cars to destination.
The main rule when purchasing from auction is probably to remember that you cannot bid against yourself. When a good match is found, allow a generous purchase bid to avoid missing the perfect car by a few pennies. Because you cannot bid against yourself, you will obtain the car with just the necessary amount, which is 10000 yen above the next best offer.

Please remember, you can only change your mind BEFORE a purchase. Cancellation of a successful purchase is not an option, and because most claims for damage or refunds will prove impossible or highly frustrating to entertain, it is always advised to go after the best possible cars.

If you can imagine more than 60,000 cars being sold in an average week in all the auctions across Japan, this gives you some idea of the scale, and how little time there is to act. Thusands of vehicles are parked in giant car parks around the auction building and sometimes car parks near the auction are used to which a bus service periodically runs to take the buyers out to inspect the vehicles. The auction building contains a large hall, filled with computer screens and seats.
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